Travel, Exciting or Frightening?


Travel, it can be the most exciting or the scariest thing to do, depending on your confidence. I have been travelling, virtually every year, usually more than once, since 1975. So climbing on a plane is more familiar to me than catching a bus. But I know for many people this is not the case, and the thought of ‘what might go wrong’ is so daunting that it stops them even dreaming about booking a holiday.

What a Wonderful World

Our world is an amazing place, filled with wonderful places to visit, historical sights and full of people, just like you, who live the same as we do, just ‘doing life’ in their own way! Every culture has similarities but it is the differences that I find intriguing! Things we take for granted in Australia, are a privilege of the wealthy in some countries, but things we wish we had time for, a normal way of life in others. It is said travel broadens our perspective and brings more understanding and tolerance into our lives. For me this is true.

So, if you would love to travel but are apprehensive, where do you start? I thought if I gave you pointers of what I do before each trip, it may help.

Travel Tips and Hints


Travel is exciting

There are things that I always do prior going on a trip. My starting point is always my Dream Book! What is this I hear you ask! Well, a lot of years ago, I sat down with a whole heap of magazines… I flicked through cutting out photos of everything I wanted to go and see across the world. The pictures were of things like Angkor Wat, Muchu Picchu, Myanmar, Mynan Ruins in Mexico, Big 5 in Africa, Pyramids, Morocco, Spain, Chile, Amazon, Greece…. etc. I didn’t have a plan but they all looked exciting, different and intriguing.

Over the years, I have ticked well over 60% of these places off my list. So, if I am planning a trip, I want to go somewhere I haven’t been before , so I start there.

My Travel Prep:

  1. Decide where I want to go
  2. How long for?
  3. Think about why? What do I want to see, do and experience?
  4. How can I add value to the people I get to meet?
  5. Who will I go with? Myself, me & husband; in a group, or self managed? Where we go and what we want to experience plays a big part in this step in the planning.
  6. RESEARCH… what are the highlights? What boxes does it tick? What are the concerns? can I do and see what I want to do? Security! Travel partners- big or small group! Ages! .

I highly recommend travelling with a group if you are travelling for your first trip by yourself, unless confident and self reliant. I dislike travelling in large groups. Ten to 14 people is my ideal, 10 perfect! A couple of reasons, more personal, easier to connect, no long waits for the person who is always ‘late’! Smaller buses means you can get into more spots easier. Do not book into a group tour that has different levels/hotels… you will spend hours each day between hotel drop off and pickups! Frustrating and valuable tourist time wasted.

Steps to Travel Bliss

  1. Decide on ‘how’ … research options. Groups, flights, packages may seem the same, but investigate which ticks the most of your boxes regarding costs, value for money, inclusions, optional extras (if you are in a group – do the options!)
  2. Book. (I always try to have my own room, or share with someone I really know well – sometimes you need chill out or ‘me’ time, when travelling with a group)
  3. It is essential to check two things: security (political unrest) and vaccinations required.
  4. Finalise your details
  5. Imagine your holiday going so well it exceeds your expectations. Do not dwell of negative possibilities. See yourself enjoying every one of the excursions, chatting to locals, every part of your holiday. Google, google, google where you are going, immerse yourself in the experience so that you ‘have been there’ before when you arrive! That little tip will save you hours of anxiety!

The scariest part of travel is arriving in a foreign country and not sure where to go, what to do, and it can be very confusing, although the process is the same, it can be very different depending on the country. So, book transfers from the airport to your first hotel. A friendly face will greet you with your name on a board… happiness is… being guided to a taxi and on your way to the Hotel quickly.. no stress.

So, overall, travel should be fun, exciting and a little humbling … if you are unsure.. contact me via FB messenger and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.. or  join one of our trips.

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