We are taught to set our goals in line with the acronym: SMART. I have done this all my life. Achieve your Goals

However, sometimes, the ‘timely’ or the date you expect to achieve the goals, has had to be extended.
How long? Well, sometimes, like in my case,  way longer than you anticipate. Does that mean you fail? I don’t believe so!   It is simply a ‘timely’ adjustment!

In 2008, I set goals to run workshops and life changing retreats so I mapped it all out. I planned where and what I would deliver for my content. I had everything in place and the first ‘target date’ was February 2010.

Well, it didn’t happen!

I established Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy in 2008, and I certainly started running my Design Your Destiny workshops in 2010, but I did not follow my goals through and extend the workshops into retreats. Why? I think, life just got in the way and I had other priorities to start with, but then, if I am honest, I really forgot about my dream, my goals.

But, in the back of my mind, it ‘idea’ kept ‘popping’ up! I would read a magazine, see something on TV that rekindle my desire. I knew deep down, I would do it. The dream never died.

Has life ‘got in the way’ of your dreams and goals?

Goals Dream & AchieveHave you had to put an idea or goals, on the back burner for a while? Maybe, your life stage is such, that you need to focus on children, your career, your relationship. And that is OKAY. It does not mean, you will have to give up or will never achieve that dream or goals. It just means, its not your top value, right now!

If your Dream was conceived with passion and emotion, if you linked a strong desire to bring this into reality, it will happen. You can ignite that flame at any time.

My dream and goals of running Retreats has now become a Reality because I never gave up on my Dream!

Transform You – 4 Steps to Mastering Your Destiny
23rd to 29th March 2019.

Some might say it is 11 years late! But the timing is perfect for me! And I believe it maybe the right time for for you!

If you are looking to learn how to create a ‘different’ future for yourself then this retreat is where you will want to be.

7 days in the paradise that is Bali, to learn:
Where your self-sabotaging beliefs come from
How to identify sabotages and how to change them
How to ensure you achieve your goals
How to learn to Live on purpose

Check out all the information here, or phone +61 428 229 431 for more details.

If you want to Change Your Mind and Change Your Life, it’s time to
Transform You!