Life Change Retreats

Live Life on Purpose


A supportive and exciting experience that will leave you relaxed and inspired, with wonderful new friends, a new Mindset, new habits and confident about what you Value and your Soul Purpose.

Life Changing Journeys

Our Mission is to create affordable, unforgettable and Life-Changing journeys around our amazing Planet.

You will come home different!


a Life in which you knew what you wanted and you knew how to get it!

Life Change Retreats and Transformational Journeys are all about New Experiences, exploring a new place, learning about people and their culture and tasting their unique cuisine.  Steve and Joslyn have travelled to more than 60 countries, many of these more than once.  They enjoy independent travel but love having ‘a group of friends’ to share the experience with.  They struggled to find ‘group’ travel that suited their style.  The perfect group: 10-14 people; value for money; flexibility, free time, and plenty of options.  They also wanted to add value or Make a Difference, in the countries they explored.  By combining their experience as Life Coaches and Hypnotherapists Steve and Joslyn found the perfect balance to Travel, Teach & Transform.  Whether you Book a Retreat including workshops or a Transformational Journey, your experience has been designed with you in mind.  You will be travelling with friends on purpose….  to explore a new culture, learn something new, step out of your comfort zone a little, make a new friend, laugh a lot, share a wine or a beer or two but most of relax, destress, and have fun.

Why travel with Life Change Retreats?

Travel should be a joy and Life Change Retreats and Journeys makes the process as easy as possible.
You can relax knowing that all the small, often overlooked, things have been included.

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