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Travel is in our blood and in yours too if you are visiting our Blogs but, I’m pretty sure, before you travel with us, you are looking to get a proper feel for who we are.

Our Background

Joslyn was born in New Zealand and Steve in Zimbabwe.  We met, as you do, in the Solomon Islands whilst working on International Aid Projects.  Both of us, involved in teaching and mentoring local people to be and do more than they believed they could.  Our love of travel and new experiences ensured we became firm friends.  We played squash, golf and scuba dived together.  Steve took off a couple of years from his career as a Crop Scientist to become a salvage diver.  During this time, we hosted groups from Australia and America on scuba diving tours of the fantastic diving spots in the Solomon Islands.

Fast forward a few years and we married in 1986 and moved to and lived in South Africa for 13 years.  We had an opportunity to change countries again and so have been residing in Australia for the past 21 years.

How Often Do We Travel?

We both love travel and exploring new countries, cultures and tasting the different cuisines.  To date, we have travelled to about 73 countries and many destinations and one thing we have learnt is that it is much more fun to travel with like minded people.  So, Life Change Retreats and Journeys was created to enable us to travel with people whose company we would like to enjoy.  Yes, the Retreats have a little ‘work’ involved, but the focus is on ‘you’ and on relaxing, taking the time to look at your life and compare what works and to change what doesn’t work.

Our Journeys are about new experiences.  Even if you have been to the countries we visit, we can guarantee that, in most cases, our trips will be different.  We have (and will continue to) source experts who local knowledge, that can show us the ‘tourist sights’ but also the ‘behind the scenes’ local true flavour and real life of the people and the foods.  And all with your safety and comfort in mind.

Our Life Change Retreats are for you if:Travel makes the Heart Sing

  • You would like to expand your Mind to see your opportunities
  • If you want to reconnect with your resilience and sense of self?
  • It’s time for you to reflect on your current life circumstance and compare what’s working and what’s not
  • You know it is time to start valuing yourself
  • You want to learn how to live life on Purpose and hence find out what that Purpose actually is.

Our Life Change Retreats and our Journeys are for you if:

  • Feeling safe and included when you travel overseas
  • You want to experience and connect with different cultures & spiritual practices
  • You want to open your heart to new experiences and opportunities
  • To make new friends
  • To have fun in a small group with other like-minded people.

Our Retreats and Journey’s are for everyone!  We host Women Only Retreats;  Men’s Retreats; Women & Men’s only Journeys and COMBINED Journeys.  (Combined = singles, friends, partners, couples)

If you are ready to Press Pause on Life,  join us on a trip.   We will leave from an airport near you!